About us

Corporate history :

ASSERTEAM Consulting was created by Jean-Marc LOEUILLET as a natural development of his training in business studies and subsequent career as a senior executive with more than 30 years of expertise and work experience as Head France - Head of Sales & Marketing for both French and international market leaders reference: Food, Non Food, Expert Advise. The aim of ASSERTEAM is to provide long-term, in-depth support for all groups and organizations looking for sustainable enhancement of their operational performance.


Activities :

ASSERTEAM’s corporate team act as expert consultants for all businesses operating in Industry, Services, Mass Markets, Food Service, Cash & Carry Stores and Retail Distribution.

With a specialization in Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, our core priority is to achieve Performance on 6 major fields of intervention:

Expert Advice—preliminary structural auditing, general reviewing of organizational charts, analysis of communication systems and business tools;

Recruitment—by direct contacts and/or advertisements;

Training—specifically targeting Purchasing, Sales and Marketing staff;

Coaching & Operational Coaching—providing follow-up and guidance for both individuals and teams to develop their professional potential;

Transition Management—answering priority needs in terms of operational and managerial competence within organizations;

Outplacement—outplacement counselling and services provided to all employees leaving organizations in order to facilitate their return to employment.


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