Client references

Agro-food industries:

Asserteam Consulting were called in to help me with the supervision of structural and human changes within my organization; they provided training, coaching and managerial/senior managerial leadership building for my teams.
Feedback from the teams and secured results fully confirmed the quality of these interventions—I can definitely assert my personal trust in Asserteam.

Philippe MEYER - Sales Director (France)
D.E Master Blenders

Meteor Breweries worked with Asserteam Consulting on a strategic positioning project for its brands and organization; their rigour, dedication and quality of work – coupled with significant personal involvement – gave us complete satisfaction.

Stéphane NUELLAS - Sales Director (France)

Retail :

The assignment given to Asserteam Consulting was a difficult one—challenging, too; difficult because it required to find mainly French buyers or senior category managers ready for geographic mobility and temporary positions abroad (Eastern Europe and Turkey)…and also challenging because the project involved very detailed specifications for profiles given the opportunity to integrate a multinational corporation. I really appreciated the persistence and professionalism of Jean-Marc Loeuillet and his team; another very positive aspect was the continued support provided by Asserteam after hiring and throughout the integration period of each new member of staff.

Jean-Marc GIVERT - Head of Corporate Operations Development
REAL Hypermarkets

Luxury, Beauty & Cosmetics:

Asserteam Consulting has successfully carried out several recruitment assignments for us.
Excellent scanning of profiles together with a proper understanding of PUIG’s corporate values and its operational environment have enabled them to complete these assignments in record time and provide us with a final selection of highly valuable candidates.

Jean-Yves GRANGER - General Manager (France and Benelux countries)

After tenders for technical training programs in sales and prospection intended for our sales force in France, we eventually opted for collaboration with Jean-Marc Loeuillet and Asserteam Consulting because of the truly customized nature of their offer—really tailor-made.
Their training programs fully met the expectations of both managers and teams and gave them concrete solutions, ready for rapid implementation.
Corresponding results promptly followed and allowed us to end the year with double-digit growth on a previously declining market.

Guillaume WIDEHEM - Deputy General Manager
Laboratoires PAYOT


You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business…
This is certainly the underlying logic of Jean-Marc Loeuillet’s passion for competence building and performance enhancement of individuals within organizations; it’s the key to the high standards of quality Asserteam Consulting deliver with their tailor-made interventions for expert advice, operational coaching and training—precisely why I particularly appreciate working with them.

Jérôme TIXIER - Sales Director (France)

Média & Entertainment :

Having first appreciated Jean-Marc Loeuillet’s professional competence when we worked together as colleagues for Kellog’s, I naturally decided to call in Asserteam Consulting in 2007 to define and organize training for all sales teams of the Disney subsidiary I was then managing; this lasted until 2011 and I contracted them again in 2012 when I took over as chairman of the Jemini Group: this was to recruit a Sales Director whose abilities were later so widely acknowledged that he ended up as Chairman of the Board.
I fully recommend Jean-Marc for all training and/or recruitment assignments targeting middle and senior managers.

Daniel-Georges LEVI

I appreciate working with Jean-Marc because he always delivers – beyond the level of competence and professionalism you would expect from any high-level consultant – a sharpness of analysis and a permanent capacity to suggest that truly help us revisit our understanding and bring in the best-performing solutions. This is why he’s s definitely more than just a service provider—more like a real partner to SPHE France’s managerial team.

Pascal FAUVEAU - General Manager (France)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Textile & Fashion:

Competence, rapid response and analytical capabilities were the essential characteristics I perceived when we worked together with Asserteam Consulting; a capacity to listen and deliver results summarize the assignments we entrusted to Jean-Marc Loeuillet, a man I can recommend to all managers looking for qualitative development of their teams.

Régis BAUDRY - Sales Director (France & Benelux countries)
Vanity Fair Brands lingerie

Industry & Services:

As an independent provider of specialized services in operational marketing, ASKELL focuses on the quality and competence of its teams as essential components of any successful marketing project.
This is why we developed a real partnership with Asserteam Consulting who – under the leadership of Jean-Marc Loeuillet – have enabled us to reach and further develop the level of excellence we were looking for in terms of recruitment and training.
A capacity to listen, analyse and understand, relevant advice, efficiency and permanent availability are the most remarkable features my teams and I have always noticed in Jean-Marc’s work.

Patrick KELLER - Chairman & Founder

Pharmaceutical industries & Dental Care: