Fields of intervention

Expert Advice :

Preliminary auditing of business structures along 3 key stages is an indispensable prerequisite ahead of our intervention. It leads to the formulation of expert advice in Human Ressources, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing.


Getting to know your company, its market position and competitors…


Reviewing of organizational charts, interviews with collaborators, analysis of business tools and communication systems, assessment of managerial roles and decision-making processes…


Synthesis and final recommendations

Recruitment :

Paying particular attention to specific Corporate Stakes & Issues and specific Corporate Culture, our rigorous recruitment methodology complies with high standards of Quality and Service in our relationships with both employers and candidates.

Expert knowledge of markets and organizations warrants the truly pragmatic nature of our approach—always designed to achieve efficient and concrete problem-solving.

Diversity of sourcing also contributes to enhance the standards of selection we apply in finding candidates in genuine correspondence with the needs of our clients:

Direct approach

Press or Internet advertisements

Candidate libraries and databases

Contacts at business school/university level

Permanent updating of our relational network

We provide tailor-made services with the aim of ensuring harmonious future development for all partners, including long-term follow-up support for continued employer satisfaction and monitoring of candidates once recruited.

Our recruitment services are intended for all corporate trades and levels:


Human Resources

Finance & Administration

Sales & Marketing

Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chains

Manufacturing - R&D – IT

Training :

ASSERTEAM’s passion for Purchasing, Sales and Marketing has led us to develop a specific tuition concept providing concrete and reality-based answers to the questions that companies and their trainees are bound to ask—justifiably so:

Does this training answer my real needs?

What is the added value for our organization?

What will be the useful legacy of this training?

How can I use this new method or specific skills to the benefit of my trade—starting tomorrow and in concrete terms?

Designed to answer such legitimate concerns and cater for the real needs of Purchasing, Sales and Marketing professionals, the fundamentals of our training process are nurtured by our corporate Experience and trade Expertise.

Our category-based approach to all trades and our permanent adaptability concur in providing progressive and quality-oriented training combined with genuine follow-up work to ensure high standards of value for both employers and trainees.

From within client organizations, we thus take part in the progressive building of training programs aimed at direct qualification while fostering personal development and efficiency for each individual.

Our training is always tailor-made and takes on board specific corporate values, specific market positions and the uniqueness of each client organization.

With permanent pragmatism, our aim is to enable all staff undergoing training (from managers to marketing staff, sales teams or buyers) to become more efficient, more autonomous and better performing in their daily assignments.

Our training programs include:

Sales, distance sales, flash sales, windfall sales

Key Accounts management, strategic negotiation

General management, coaching, operational monitoring, conflict management

Sales management, employee assessment process management

Operational guidance, sales support, on-field coaching, one-to-one trainer/trainee coaching

Meeting management, time management, recruitment process management

Category management, trade marketing, merchandizing

Board meeting management

Coaching & Operational Coaching:

Our expert and differentiated approach to executive coaching aims to develop high-level skills intended for managers and senior executives.

Adapted to rapidly changing contexts, our coaching interventions and corresponding tools enable managers and senior executives to convey meaning and concrete vision to their collaborators, offering them pragmatic and strategic guidance to achieve better defined performance and efficiency objectives, i.e. real, quality operational supervision.

Transition Management:

Both large groups and small-to-medium businesses contracting our services are looking for a rapid response to their priority needs in terms of operational and managerial competence.

Our interventions therefore rest on fundamentals of Quality and Efficiency with a genuine focus on RESULTS.

Transition Management interventions in the fields of Marketing and Retail provide our clients with an expert perspective, managerial support and planning of operational deployment in conformity with set out specifications.


With a fundamental focus on Human Resources, ASSERTEAM offers various types of outplacement support, from professional coaching to personal skills assessment—among many other services intended for employees leaving organizations, all designed to facilitate their return to employment in positions truly answering their profiles and expectations.

Career transition coaching enables guided individuals to take a fresh and specific look at their past work experience in order to create a relevant approach to new employment with maturity and intelligence.

Our intervention involves 5 key stages:

1.  Analysis of acquired professional and personal skills capital;
2.  Definition and creation of a new professional project;
3.  Definition of means and strategies to approach the employment market;
4.  Definition and implementation of employment search initiatives;
5.  Interview guidance (before and after interviews).

ASSERTEAM Consulting is registered in France as a state-approved training centre under registration number 11 77 04471 77.